HANQI   Environmental



Our R&D team of the company is composed of experienced talents from scientific research institutions, colleges and design institutes. Over the years, the team engaged in water quality, scheme design and engineering application. Through continuous investment and implementation practices of more than 60 projects. The team has constantly strengthened the strength of system design and applied R&D application. Meanwhile we have formed strategic cooperation with Beijing Unaiversity of chemical technology, Tsinghua University, South China University of technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(The Institute of Microbiology) and other research institutions, to effectively transform the most cutting-edge achievements of the laboratory into practical applications.


The company has built several R&D bases all over the country, including Zhongguancun experimental center, Renqiu water quality center and Dalian design center. We sat up a national data center in xiong'an branch, to command the pilot laboratories or devices in PetroChina, Sinopec, Shenyang xiannv river and other plant areas. All the R&D achievements of Hanqi are directly applied in engineering projects and put into practice. In terms of improving the pretreatment effect, high saline water treatment, special pullutants removal, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient removal and high-standard emissions, we have achieved key breakthroughs. 


Hanqi R&D department practices the technical concept of ‘simple, efficient’ and is committed to developing technologies with characteristics of less land occupation and resource consumption: improving the unit efficiency, simplifying the overall process, optimizing the investment and operation costs, being a good bridge between laboratory and market.